Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pretty Crappie Day

Headed to our favorite spring fed pond to target some LARGE cruising grass and common carp with the fly rod.  I can't seem to find these carp mudding or tailing.  They always seem to be cruising in one or two large groups.  They act as if they are looking for something, but I never see them actively feeding.  Whatever they are looking for, I ain't got it...yet.

I got a couple good looks throwing a dragonfly nymph, but no carp takes.  I did catch a couple small bass and bluegills, somewhat accidentally, in the process.  I am a carp enthusiast, but I'm no carp snob.  So...knowing there were some nice bass lurking somewhere just off the, soon to be spawning, flats; I put down the fly rod and grabbed a light spinning rod with a Rapala X-rap suspending jerk bait.

and we caught a GOOD fish...  


Then we caught a BETTER fish...


Then we caught the BEST  fish of the day...

Other than that is was a pretty crappie day...



  1. nice blog scott! those bass are really nice fish, best of luck this spring for carp!

    1. I appreciate the feedback Mark. I'm a big fan of This River is Wild - great blog - love the photography. Keep up the good work.

  2. Nice bass indeed! Those carp are fishable though it may take time to discern exactly what they are up to. All I can say is put in the time, nothing for them should be desultory. I'd be distracted by the bass that sized however I'll admit. A long rabbit leech may have done as well (or not) as the spinning lures.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Gregg. I'll keep watching those fish and experimenting with flies and presentations. Eventually, I'll have a large carp to show for it, and in the meantime, I'll have the addictive frustration that only sight fishing to large, finicky targets can provide. And thanks for the new vocabulary word as well. I think I'll name my next blog the Desultory Angler.